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1. Differentiation between incomplete Kawasaki disease and secondary hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis following Kawasaki disease using N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide   
Jung Eun Choi, Yujin Kwak, Jung Won Huh, Eun-Sun Yoo, Kyung-Ha Ryu, Sejung Sohn, Young Mi Hong
Korean J Pediatr. 2018 May;61(5):167-173.  Publication Date (Online): 2018 May 15
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2. Clinical usefulness of serum procalcitonin level in distinguishing between Kawasaki disease and other infections in febrile children   
Na Hyun Lee, Hee Joung Choi, Yeo Hyang Kim
Korean J Pediatr. 2017 April;60(4):112-117.  Publication Date (Online): 2017 April 15
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3. Meta-analysis of factors predicting resistance to intravenous immunoglobulin treatment in patients with Kawasaki disease   
Jin-Young Baek, Min Seob Song
Korean J Pediatr. 2016 February;59(2):80-90.  Publication Date (Online): 2016 February 15
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4. Prediction of unresponsiveness to second intravenous immunoglobulin treatment in patients with Kawasaki disease refractory to initial treatment   
Euri Seo, Jeong Jin Yu, Hyun Ok Jun, Eun Jung Shin, Jae Suk Baek, Young-Hwue Kim, Jae-Kon Ko
Korean J Pediatr. 2016 October;59(10):408-413.  Publication Date (Online): 2016 October 15
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5. Clinical outcome of patients with refractory Kawasaki disease based on treatment modalities   
Hyun Jung Kim, Hyo Eun Lee, Jae Won Yu, Hong Ryang Kil
Korean J Pediatr. 2016 July;59(8):328-334.  Publication Date (Online): 2016 August 15
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6. Age-adjusted plasma N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide level in Kawasaki disease   
Heul Jun, Kyung Ok Ko, Jae Woo Lim, Jung Min Yoon, Gyung Min Lee, Eun Jung Cheon
Korean J Pediatr. 2016 July;59(7):298-302.  Publication Date (Online): 2016 July 15
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7. Giant coronary aneurysm caused by Kawasaki disease: consistency between catheter angiography and electrocardiogram gated dual-source computed tomography angiography   
Eun-ha Hwang, Jung-ki Ju, Min-Jung Cho, Ji-Won Lee, Hyoung-Doo Lee
Korean J Pediatr. 2015 December;58(12):501-504.  Publication Date (Online): 2015 December 15
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8. Diagnosis of incomplete Kawasaki disease   
Jeong Jin Yu (Yu JJ)
Korean J Pediatr. 2012 March;55(3):83-87.
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9. Detection Rate and Clinical Impact of Respiratory Viruses in Children with Kawasaki Disease   
Ja Hye Kim (Kim JH), Jeong Jin Yu (Yu JJ), Jina Lee (Lee JN), Mi-Na Kim (Kim NM), Hong Ki Ko (Ko HK), Hyung Soon Choi (Choi HS), Young-Hwue Kim (Kim YH), Jae-Kon Ko (Ko JK)
Korean J Pediatr. 2012 December;55(12):470-473.  Publication Date (Online): 2012 October 22
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10. A case of Kawasaki disease with coexistence of a parapharyngeal abscess requiring incision and drainage   
Se Hyun Choi (Choi SH), Hyun Jung Kim (Kim HJ)
Korean J Pediatr. 2010 September;53(9):855-858.
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11. Comparison and analysis of the effectiveness to high dose of aspirin and ibuprofen in acute phase of Kawasaki disease   
Seung-woon Keum (Keum Sw), Yeon Kyun Oh (Oh YK), Jong Duck Kim (Kim JD), Seung-taek Yu (Yu St)
Korean J Pediatr. 2009 August;52(8):930-937.
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12. The relationship between catechol-O-methyltransferase gene polymorphism and coronary artery abnormality in Kawasaki disease   
Hyo Jin Lee (Lee HJ), Myung Sook Lee (Lee MS), Ji Sook Kim (Kim JS), Eun Ryoung Kim (Kim ER), Sung Wook Kang (Kang SW), Soo Kang Kim (Kim SK), Joo Ho Chun (Chun JH), Kyung Lim Yoon (Yoon KL), Mi Young Han (Han MY), Seong Ho Cha (Cha SH)
Korean J Pediatr. 2009 January;52(1):87-92.
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13. Two cases of Kawasaki disease following pneumonia   
Hyun Jung Kim (Kim HJ), Soo Jin Lee (Lee SJ)
Korean J Pediatr. 2009 May;52(5):615-618.
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14. Polymorphisms of tumor necrosis factor-alpha promotor gene in Kawasaki disease and relation to the risk of coronary artery lesion   
Se-hwa Kim (Kim Sh), Jang-won Yun (Yun Jw), Young-hyuk Lee (Lee Yh), Eun-jung Cheon (Cheon Ej)
Korean J Pediatr. 2009 April;52(4):476-480.
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15. Clinical factors causing hyponatremia in patients with mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome   
Soo Yeon Kim (Kim SY), Hyun Jung Kim (Kim HJ), Jun Seok Choi (Choi JS), Jae Kyung Huh (Huh JK)
Korean J Pediatr. 2009 March;52(3):364-369.
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16. Atypical presentation of Kawasaki disease resembling a retropharyngeal abscess   
Eu Jin Kim (Kim EJ), Young Su Lim (Lim YS), Ji Eun Yoon (Yoon JE), Heon-Seok Han (Han HS)
Korean J Pediatr. 2009 February;52(2):251-255.
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17. Low T3 syndrome in Kawasaki disease: Relation to serum levels of tumor necrosis factor-, interleukin-6 and NT-proBNP   
Hye Kyung Cho (Cho HK), Jin A Sohn (Sohn JA), Hae Soon Kim (Kim HS), Sejung Sohn (Sohn SJ)
Korean J Pediatr. 2009 February;52(2):234-241.
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18. A case of adolescent Kawasaki disease with Epstein-Barr virus-associated infectious mononucleosis complicated by splenic infarction   
Byeong Sam Choi (Choi BS), Bo Sang Kwon (Kwon BS), Gi Beom Kim (Kim GB), Yoon Kyung Jeon (Jeon YK), Jung-Eun Cheon (Cheon JE), Eun Jung Bae (Bae EJ), Chung Il Noh (Noh CI), Jung Yun Choi (Choi JY), Yong Soo Yun (Yun YS)
Korean J Pediatr. 2009 September;52(9):1029-1034.
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19. Epidemiologic study of Kawasaki disease in 6 months old and younger infants   
Yong Won Park (Park YW), Ji Whan Han (Han JW), In Sook Park (Park IS), Chang Hwi Kim (Kim CH), Sung Ho Cha (Cha SH), Jae Sook Ma (Ma JS), Joon Sung Lee (Lee JS), Tae Chan Kwon (Kwon TC), Sang Bum Lee (Lee SB), Chul Ho Kim (Kim CH), Heung Jae Lee (Lee HJ), Yong Soo Yun (Yun YS)
Korean J Pediatr. 2008 December;51(12):1320-1323.
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20. Clinical significance of the mechanical properties of the abdominal aorta in Kawasaki disease   
Mi Jin Kim (Kim MJ), Mi Jin Kim (Kim MJ), Sang Yun Lee (Lee SY), Sang Yun Lee (Lee SY), Yong Bum Kim (Kim YB), Yong Bum Kim (Kim YB), Hong Ryang Kil (Kil HR), Hong Ryang Kil (Kil HR)
Korean J Pediatr. 2008 September;51(9):1012-1017.
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21. Infliximab treatment for a patient with refractory Kawasaki disease   
Hyo-Jung Yu (Yu HJ), Soo-Jin Lee (Lee SJ), Sejung Sohn (Sohn SJ)
Korean J Pediatr. 2006 September;49(9):987-990.
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22. The effects of high-dose intravenous immunoglobulin on plasma protein and lipid levels in the patients with Kawasaki disease   
Keun Young Lee (Lee KY), Dong-Un Kim (Kim DU), Hyun Seung Lee (Lee HS), Pil Sang Jang (Jang PS), Young-Hoon Kim (Kim YH), Jin Tack Kim (Kim JT), Hyun Hee Kim (Kim HH), Kyung-Yil Lee (Lee KY), Joon-Sung Lee (Lee JS)
Korean J Pediatr. 2006 December;49(12):1348-1353.
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23. Modified Tei index in patients with Kawasaki disease by tissue doppler imaging   
Hee Jung Kim (Kim HJ), Jung Hwa Cha (Cha JH), Young Mi Hong (Hong YM)
Korean J Pediatr. 2006 November;49(11):1202-1210.
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24. Giant Coronary and Axillary Aneurysms in an Infant with Kawasaki Disease Associated with Thrombocytopenia   
Sei Young Seo (Seo SY), Jin Hee Oh (Oh JH), Jong-Hyun Kim (Kim JH), Ji-Whan Han (Han JW), Kyung-Yil Lee (Lee KY), Dae Kyun Koh (Koh DK)
Korean J Pediatr. 2005 August;48(8):901-906.
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25. Statistical Analysis of 1,000 Cases of Kawasaki Disease Patients Diagnosed at a Single Institute   
Dae Hwan Hwang (Hwang DH), Kyoung Mi Sin (Sin KM), Kyong Min Choi (Choi KM), Jae Young Choi (Choi JY), Jun Hee Sul (Sul JH), Dong Soo Kim (Kim DS)
Korean J Pediatr. 2005 April;48(4):416-424.
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26. A Case of Multiple Giant Coronary Aneurysms with Large Mural Thrombus due to Kawasaki Disease in a Young Infant   
Eun Na Choi (Choi EN), Jeoung Tae Kim (Kim JT), Yuria Kim (Kim Y), Byung Won Yoo (Yoo BW), Deok Young Choi (Choi DY), Jae Young Choi (Choi JY), Jun Hee Sul (Sul JH), Sung Kye Lee (Lee SK), Dong Soo Kim (Kim DS), Young Hwan Park (Park YH)
Korean J Pediatr. 2005 March;48(3):321-326.
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27. Clinical and Epidemiologic Study of Kawasaki Disease in Children 8 Years of Age and Older   
Yong Won Park (Park YW), Ji Whan Han (Han JW), In Sook Park (Park IS), Chang Hwi Kim (Kim CH), Sung Ho Cha (Cha SH), Jae Sook Ma (Ma JS), Tae Chan Kwon (Kwon TC), Sang Bum Lee (Lee SB), Chul Ho Kim (Kim CH), Heung Jae Lee (Lee HJ), Yong Soo Yun (Yun YS)
Korean J Pediatr. 2005 October;48(10):1139-1142.
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28. Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase(MTHFR) Gene Expression in Kawasaki Disease   
Hye Ryung Choi (Choi HR), Ae Ra Joo (Joo AR), Hae Soon Kim (Kim HS), Sejung Sohn (Sohn SJ), Young Mi Hong (Hong YM)
Korean J Pediatr. 2004 July;47(7):774-778.
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29. Matrix Metalloproteinases, Tissue Inhibitors and Cytokines in Patients with Kawasaki Disease   
Ae Ra Cho (Cho AR), Young Mi Hong (Hong YM)
Korean J Pediatr. 2004 June;47(6):656-664.
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30. Comparison of Cytokine Expressions among Kawasaki Disease and Its Symptom-related Diseases   
Ran Lee (Lee R), So Hyun Park (Park SH), Yu Jeong Kim (Kim YJ), So Young Kim (Kim SY), Hyun Hee Kim (Kim HH), Wonbae Lee (Lee WB)
Korean J Pediatr. 2004 May;47(5):567-573.
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