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1. Diagnostic and prognostic value of proadrenomedullin in neonatal sepsis   
Sameh Samir Fahmey, Heba Mostafa, Noha Abd Elhafeez, Heba Hussain
Korean J Pediatr. 2018 May;61(5):156-159.  Publication Date (Online): 2018 May 15
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2. Effects of cord blood vitamin D levels on the risk of neonatal sepsis in premature infants   
Birgul Say, Nurdan Uras, Suzan Sahin, Halil Degirmencioglu, Serife Suna Oguz, Fuat Emre Canpolat
Korean J Pediatr. 2017 August;60(8):248-253.  Publication Date (Online): 2017 August 15
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3. Neonatal invasive Streptococcus gallolyticus subsp. pasteurianus infection with delayed central nervous system complications   
Jung-Weon Park, So-Hee Eun, Eui-Chong Kim, Moon-Woo Seong, Yun-Kyung Kim
Korean J Pediatr. 2015 January;58(1):33-36.  Publication Date (Online): 2013 October 22
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4. Urosepsis and postrenal acute renal failure in a neonate following circumcision with Plastibell device   
Meena Kalyanaraman, Derrick McQueen, Joseph Sykes, Tej Phatak, Farhaan Malik, Preethi Raghava
Korean J Pediatr. 2015 April;58(4):154-157.  Publication Date (Online): 2014 January 15
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5. Serum procalcitonin as a diagnostic marker of neonatal sepsis   
In Ho Park, Seung Hyun Lee, Seung Taek Yu, Yeon Kyun Oh
Korean J Pediatr. 2014 October;57(10):451-456.  Publication Date (Online): 2014 September 12
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6. The control of invasive Candida infection in very low birth weight infants by reduction in the use of 3rd generation cephalosporin   
Yu Jin Chang (Chang YJ), Il Rak Choi (Choi IR), Won Sub Shin (Shin WS), Jang Hoon Lee (Lee JH), Yun Kyung Kim (Kim YK), Moon Sung Park (Park MS)
Korean J Pediatr. 2013 February;56(2):68-74.  Publication Date (Online): 2012 October 24
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7. Early-onset sepsis in a neonatal intensive care unit in Beni Suef, Egypt: bacterial isolates and antibiotic resistance pattern   
Sameh Samir Fahmey
Korean J Pediatr. 2013 August;56(8):332-337.  Publication Date (Online): 2013 August 16
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8. Comparison of the accuracy of neutrophil CD64 and C-reactive protein as a single test for the early detection of neonatal sepsis   
Young Kwang Choo (Choo YK), Hyun-Seok Cho (Cho HS), In Bum Seo (Seo IB), hyeon-Soo Lee (Lee hS)
Korean J Pediatr. 2012 January;55(1):11-17.
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9. Analysis of neonatal sepsis in one neonatal intensive care unit for 6 years   
Peter Chun (Chun P), Seom Gim Kong (Kong SG), Shin Yun Byun (Byun SY), Su Eun Park (Park SE), Hyung Du Lee (Lee HD)
Korean J Pediatr. 2010 April;53(4):495-502.
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10. Platelet count and mean platelet volume in low birth weight infants (2,000 g) with sepsis   
Wan-soo Lee (Lee WS), Jin-young Cho (Cho JY), Seung-taek Yoo (Yoo ST), Chang-woo Lee (Lee CW), Doo-young Choi (Choi DY), Jong-duck Kim (Kim JD), Yeon-kyun Oh (Oh YK)
Korean J Pediatr. 2007 July;50(7):643-648.
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11. Systemic lupus erythematosus   
Kwang-Nam Kim (Kim KN)
Korean J Pediatr. 2007 December;50(12):1180-1187.
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12. Analysis of causative microorganisms and choice of antibiotics according to the onset of neonatal sepsis   
June Seung Sung (Sung JS), Dong Yeon Kim (Kim DY), Sun Hee Kim (Kim SH), Hyung Suk Byun (Byun HS), Tai Ju Hwang (Hwang TJ), Young Youn Choi (Choi YY)
Korean J Pediatr. 2006 June;49(6):623-629.
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13. Diagnostic value of various screening tests in neonatal sepsis   
Hyun Gon Je (Je HG), Young Mi Jeoung (Jeoung YM), Soo Jin Jeong (Jeong SJ)
Korean J Pediatr. 2006 November;49(11):1167-1173.
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14. Clinical Use and Complications of Percutaneous Central Venous Catheterization in Very Low Birth Weight Infants   
Hyang Kim (Kim H), Sun Hui Kim (Kim SH), Hyung Suck Byun (Byun HS), Young Youn Choi (Choi YY)
Korean J Pediatr. 2005 September;48(9):953-959.
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15. The Effectiveness of Intravenous Immunoglobulin for Clinically Suspected Neonatal Sepsis   
Hyun Jung Na (Na HJ), Ji Young Kim (Kim JY), Gyeong Hoon Lee (Lee GH), Jun Hwa Lee (Lee JH), Eun Jin Choi (Choi EJ), Jin Kyung Kim (Kim JK), Hai Lee Chung (Chung HL), Woo Taek Kim (Kim WT)
Korean J Pediatr. 2005 November;48(11):1187-1192.
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16. Cytokines in Neonatal Sepsis   
Hye Jin Park (Park HJ), So Yeon Kim (Kim SY), Jun Hwa Lee (Lee JH), Eun Jin Choi (Choi EJ), Jin Kyung Kim (Kim JK), Sang Gyung Kim (Kim SG), Hai Lee Chung (Chung HL), Woo Taek Kim (Kim WT)
Korean J Pediatr. 2004 May;47(5):515-520.
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17. Clinical Findings of Sepsis-Associated Cholestasis in the Neonates   
Soo Jung Yoon (Yoon SJ), Chun Soo Kim (Kim CS), Sang Lak Lee (Lee SL)
Korean J Pediatr. 2004 April;47(4):380-385.
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18. A Clinical Study of Sepsis with Thrombocytopenia in Premature Infants   
Jae Hoon Sim (Sim JH), So Ick Jang (Jang SI), Yun Jung Sim (Sim YJ), Do Jun Cho (Cho DJ), Dug Ha Kim (Kim DH), Ki Sik Min (Min KS), Ki Yang Yoo (Yoo KY)
Korean J Pediatr. 2004 October;47(10):1058-1064.
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19. Prevalence and Risk Factors of Candida Sepsis in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit   
Ic Sun Choi (Choi IS), Suk Hwan Lim (Lim SH), Chang Yee Cho (Cho CY), Young Youn Choi (Choi YY), Tai Ju Hwang (Hwang TJ)
Korean J Pediatr. 2002 July;45(7):836-846.
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20. A Nationwide Survey on the Causative Organisms of Neonatal Sepsis in Korea   
Kyung Ah Kim (Kim KA), Son Moon Shin (Shin SM), Jung Hwan Choi (Choi JH)
Korean J Pediatr. 2002 January;45(1):55-63.
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21. Therapeutic Effect of Different Doses of Recombinant Human Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor(rhG-CSF) on Neonatal Sepsis Complicated by Neutropenia   
Moon Young Choi (Choi MY), Yeon Sook Jung (Jung YS), Dong Woo Son (Son DW), Hyo Seop Ahn (Ahn HS)
Korean J Pediatr. 2002 April;45(4):439-448.
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22. The Change of White Blood Cell Count Following Transfusion in Preterm Neonates   
Soo Young Yoon (Yoon SY), Gum Joo Lee (Lee GJ), Gui Young Jung (Jung GY)
Korean J Pediatr. 2002 March;45(3):325-330.
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23. Effect of Parenteral Nutrition Guideline Changes on Neonatal Sepsis in Premature Infants   
Chang-Ryul Kim (Kim CR), Jae-Won Oh (Oh JW), Myung-Kul Yum (Yum MK), Soo-Jee Moon (Moon SJ)
Korean J Pediatr. 2001 June;44(6):620-626.
Abstract PDF
24. Effect of Granulocyte-macrophage Colony-stimulating Factor in Neonatal Infection   
Il-Young Jo (Jo IY), Sang-Hyun Byun (Byun SH)
Korean J Pediatr. 2000 December;43(12):1552-1557.
Abstract PDF
25. Risk Factors for Neonatal Sepsis in Premature Infants Admitted to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit   
Chang-Ryul Kim (Kim CR), Jae-Won Oh (Oh JW), Myung-Kul Yum (Yum MK), Soo-Jee Moon (Moon SJ)
Korean J Pediatr. 2000 September;43(9):1174-1179.
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26. Intralipid Infusions Effect on Nutrophil Elastase Level in Newborns   
Sue Jeen Min (Min SJ), Yong Woon Baek (Baek YW), Yong Woon Baek (Baek YW), Yong Woon Baek (Baek YW)
Korean J Pediatr. 1999 May;42(5):666-671.
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27. Retrospective 3-year Clinical Study of Enterobacter Bacteremia in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit   
Kwang Ok Chung (Chung KO), Chun Hyuk Chang (Chang CH), Sung Min Cho (Cho SM), Dong Seok Lee (Lee DS), Doo Kwun Kim (Kim DK), Sung Min Choi (Choi SM)
Korean J Pediatr. 1998 April;41(4):466-471.
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28. Serum G-CSF Level Changes in Neonatal Sepsis   
Kyung Ha Ryu (Ryu KH), Eun Ae Park (Park EA), Kyung Hyo Kim (Kim KH), Gyung Hee Kim (Kim GH)
Korean J Pediatr. 1998 January;41(1):12-18.
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29. The Significance of Increased Circulating Intercellular Adhesion Molecule 1(cICAM-1) in Neonatal Sepsis   
Hai Lee Chung (Chung HL), Eun Jung Park (Park EJ), Young Ho An (An YH), Jin Bok Hwang (Hwang JB), Chang Ho Han (Han CH), Young Dae Kwon (Kwon YD), Sang Gyoung Kim (Kim SG)
Korean J Pediatr. 1997 December;40(12):1651-1659.
Abstract PDF
30. Clinical Study of Hickman Catheters in Pediatric Oncologic Patient   
Young-Ho Lee (Lee YH)
Korean J Pediatr. 1996 May;39(5):682-690.
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