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De novo mutations in COL4A5 identified by whole exome sequencing in two girls with Alport syndrome in Korea   (21 times)
Kyoung Hee Han, Jong Eun Park, Chang-Seok Ki
Received July 11, 2018  Accepted November 26, 2018  
Comparison of effectiveness of growth hormone therapy according to disease-causing genes in children with Noonan syndrome   (12 times)
Kyo Jin Jo, Yoo Mi Kim, Ju Young Yoon, Yeoun Joo Lee, Young Mi Han, Han-Wook Yoo, Hyang-Sook Kim, Chong Kun Cheon
Received August 1, 2018  Accepted December 3, 2018  
Clinical and molecular characterization of Korean children with infantile and late-onset Pompe disease: 10 years of experience with enzyme replacement therapy at a single center   (57 times)
Min-Sun Kim, Ari Song, Minji Im, June Huh, I-Seok Kang, Jinyoung Song, Aram Yang, Jinsup Kim, Eun-Kyung Kwon, Eu -Jin Choi, Sun-Ju Han, Hyung-Doo Park, Sung Yoon Cho, Dong-Kyu Jin
Received August 30, 2018  Accepted October 22, 2018  
Renal replacement therapy in neonates with an inborn error of metabolism   (25 times)
Heeyeon Cho
Received October 2, 2018  Accepted November 6, 2018  
How to approach feeding difficulties in young children   (181 times)
Hye Ran Yang
Korean J Pediatr. 2017;60(12):379-384.   Published online December 22, 2017
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Acute kidney injury and continuous renal replacement therapy in children; what pediatricians need to know   (110 times)
Myung Hyun Cho, Hee Gyung Kang
Korean J Pediatr. 2018;61(11):339-347.   Published online October 23, 2018
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Transfusion practice in neonates   (133 times)
Do-Hyun Kim
Korean J Pediatr. 2018;61(9):265-270.   Published online September 6, 2018
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The clinical characteristics and prognosis of subgaleal hemorrhage in newborn   (45 times)
Sun Jin Lee, Jin Kyu Kim, Sun Jun Kim
Received July 24, 2018  Accepted September 3, 2018  
The first Korean case with Floating-Harbor syndrome with a novel SRCAP mutation diagnosed by targeted exome sequencing   (52 times)
Eun Mi Choi, Dong Hyun Lee, Seok Jin Kang, Ye Jee Shim, Heung Sik Kim, Jun Sik Kim, Jong In Jeong, Jung-Sook Ha, Ja-Hyun Jang
Received January 14, 2018  Accepted July 31, 2018  
Clinical manifestations of headache in children younger than 7 years   (90 times)
Bu Seon Kang, Jinsun Lee, Jin Hyuk Choi, Hyeok Hee Kwon, Joon Won Kang
Korean J Pediatr. 2018;61(11):355-361.   Published online September 16, 2018
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Particulate matter and childhood allergic diseases   (42 times)
Song-I Yang
Received September 8, 2018  Accepted November 6, 2018  
Waist-to-height ratio as a screening tool for obesity and cardiometabolic risk   (203 times)
Eun-Gyong Yoo
Korean J Pediatr. 2016;59(11):425-431.   Published online November 18, 2016
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Serum alanine aminotransferase levels are closely associated with metabolic disturbances in apparently healthy young adolescents independent of obesity   (10 times)
Ki Eun Kim, Kyung Suk Baek, Sol Han, Jung Hyun Kim, Youn Ho Sheen
Received May 5, 2018  Accepted September 4, 2018  
Hypercalciuria and febrile convulsion in children under 5 years old   (96 times)
Vahid Seddighi Gorabi, Bahram Nikkhoo, Obeidollah Faraji, Mona Mohammadkhani, Sattar Mirzaee, Mohammad Aziz Rasouli, Abdorrahim Afkhamzadeh
Korean J Pediatr. 2018;61(4):129-131.   Published online April 23, 2018
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Evaluation of prolonged pain in preterm infants with pneumothorax using heart rate variability analysis and EDIN (Échelle Douleur Inconfort Nouveau-Né, neonatal pain and discomfort scale) scores   (67 times)
Mehmet Buyuktiryaki, Nurdan Uras, Nilufer Okur, Mehmet Yekta Oncel, Gulsum Kadioglu Simsek, Sehribanu Ozluer Isik, Serife Suna Oguz
Korean J Pediatr. 2018;61(10):322-326.   Published online September 16, 2018
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Oral findings and its association with prenatal and perinatal factors in newborns   (83 times)
Brenda Perez-Aguirre, Uriel Soto-Barreras, Juan Pablo Loyola-Rodriguez, Juan Francisco Reyes-Macias, Miguel Angel Santos-Diaz, Alejandra Loyola-Leyva, Obed Garcia-Cortes
Korean J Pediatr. 2018;61(9):279-284.   Published online September 15, 2018
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Changes in the Thyroid Hormone Profiles in Children with Nephrotic Syndrome   (70 times)
Sun Hee Jung, Jeong Eun Lee, Woo Yeong Chung
Received August 22, 2018  Accepted October 4, 2018  
Association between vitamin D level at birth and respiratory morbidities in very-low-birth-weight infants   (59 times)
Ian Kim, Sung Shin Kim, Jee In Song, Seock Hwa Yoon, Ga Young Park, Yong-Wha Lee
Received May 7, 2018  Accepted October 15, 2018  
A contact investigation after exposure to a child with disseminated tuberculosis mimicking inflammatory bowel disease   (19 times)
Dongsub Kim, Sodam Lee, Sang-Hee Kang, Mi-Sun Park, So-Young Yoo, Tae Yeon Jeon, Joon-Sik Choi, Bora Kim, Jong Rim Choi, Sun Young Cho, Doo Ryeon Chung, Yon Ho Choe, Yae-Jean Kim
Korean J Pediatr. 2018;61(11):366-370.   Published online November 15, 2018
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Risk factors for the Occurrence and Persistence of Coronary Aneurysm in Kawasaki Disease   (12 times)
Soo-kyeong Jeon, Geena Kim, Hoon Ko, Joung-Hee Byun, Hyoung Doo Lee
Received September 11, 2018  Accepted November 22, 2018  
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