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Volume 41(3); Mar 1998
Medical Lecture Course
Genetic Counseling
Kibok Kim
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1998;41(3):293-298.
Original Articles
The Efficacy of Fetal Ultrasonography and Postnatal Abdominal Ultrasonography for the Diagnosis of Neonatal Abdominal Mass
Hee Eun Lee, Ee Kyung Kim, Hee Seok Kim, Yun Kyoung Lee, Chan Hwu Park, Kyung Ran Park, June Dong Park, Beyong Il Kim, Woong Heum Kim, Jung Hwan Choi, Gui Won Park, Hwang Choi, Yong Choi, Chong Ku Yun
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1998;41(3):299-306.
A Survey on the Attitudes toward Premature Infants
Oh Hyuk Kwon, Son Moon Shin
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1998;41(3):307-314.
Clinical Change of Mycoplasma Pneumonia
Jae Bum Lee, Kyong Tae Whang, Jeong Hyun Kim, Kyong Og Ko, Ji Hee Cho, Yun Duk Yoo
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1998;41(3):315-322.
Therapeutic Efficacy of Dual Therapy and Triple Therapy for Helicobacter pylori Infection in Children
Sun-Hwan Bae, Jae-Sung Koh, Jeong-Kee Seo
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1998;41(3):323-330.
The Treatment of Croup with Nebulized Budesonide and Intramuscular Dexamethasone
Jung Woo Lee, Young Ho Rah, Chong-Woo Bae, Sa Jun Chung, Yong Mook Choi
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1998;41(3):331-337.
Normal Predicted Values of Pulmonary Function Test in Healthy Korean Children
Seung Yeon Nam, Kyung Hyo Kim, Young Mi Hong, Gyoung Hee Kim
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1998;41(3):338-345.
Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Connection : The Results of 23 Consecutive Patients
Young-Hwue Kim, Jae-Kon Ko, In-Sook Park, Tae-Jin Yun, Dong-Man Seo, Chang-Yee Hong
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1998;41(3):346-353.
Congenital Heart Disease and Associated Extracardiac Anomalies in Autopsies
Soon Seong Park, Myeong Ja Yoon, Jeong Sun Kim, Jeong Wook Seo, Chung Il Noh, Jung Yun Choi, Yong Soo Yoon, Byung Il Kim, Joong Hwan Choi, Chong Ku Yoon
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1998;41(3):354-362.
Incidence of Congenital Heart Disease in Neonate by Color Doppler Echocardiography
Tae Chan Kwon, Joon Sik Kim, Sang Lak Lee, Myung Sung Kim, Geun Soo Park, Chun Soo Kim, In Joo Kim, Bin Ahn
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1998;41(3):363-368.
Percutaneous Closure of Patent Ductus Arteriosus Using Coil Embolization
Mi Jung Kang, Sejung Sohn, Eun Jung Bae, In Seng Park, Seong Ho Kim
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1998;41(3):369-377.
Random Urine Ca/Cr Ratio in Healthy Neonates
Hea Young Lee, So Young Park, Eun Sun Yoo, Eun Ae Park, Seung Joo Lee
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1998;41(3):378-382.
Expression of Tumor Suppression Gene in Childhood Cancer
Ji Eun Lee, Myung Ik Lee, Chang Soo Park
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1998;41(3):383-389.
Case Reports
A Case of DiGeorge Syndrome
Young Joo Son, Yu Sik Jeon, Soon Lee Jung, Kyuchul Choeh
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1998;41(3):390-395.
A Case of VATER association Variant with a 46,XY,inv(6)(q11q16) Inversion
Dong-Ho Park, Dae-Bong Jung, Kyoung Rae Moon, Yeong-Bong Park, Sang-Kee Park
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1998;41(3):396-400.
Two Cases of Factor XI Deficiency in Sisters
Yun-Kyeong Cho, Jae-Young Lim, Yang-Suk Jung, Chan-Hoo Park, Hyang-Ok Woo, Byung-Kiu Park, Hee-Shang Youn
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1998;41(3):401-404.
Two Cases of Leigh Disease
Seong Hun Kim, Soo En Park, Ju Seok Lee, Sang Ook Nam, Yeong Tak Lim
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1998;41(3):405-409.
A Case of Alagille Syndrome
Eun Kyung Hwang, Gwang Hoon Lee, Eell Ryoo, Kang Ho Cho, Gil Hyun Kim, Hak Soo Lee, Ji Hye Kim, Sung Hae Park, Hee Sup Kim
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1998;41(3):410-414.
A Case of Congenital Nephrotic Syndrome due to Diffuse Mesangial Sclerosis
Jung-Jin Yu, Dong Kyu Jin, Hae Il Cheong, Hyun Soon Lee, Yong Choi
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1998;41(3):415-419.
A Case of Secondary Hemosiderosis and Hepatic Fibrosis in a Pateint with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia
Hyoung No Kim, Jae Won Huh, Jae Sun Park
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1998;41(3):420-424.
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